Today, business analytics is a critical factor in distinguishing industry winners from losers.
Data is a key differentiator when it comes to virtual events. Because virtual and hybrid events are hosted online, you are able to harness vast amounts of participant and engagement data that can be easily integrated into existing digital marketing and sales operations.
Analytics gathered from engagement data allow you to evaluate event performance, and also identify high-intent leads and properly segment your post event follow-up with participants.

This data includes both, self reported data (e.g. the information they provide when registering for the virtual event) and data collected in the background through their participation (e.g. Sessions attended, time spent on stand, number of seconds watching your videos, marketing material downloaded etc.)

Features within our platform that will help maximize the data we collect include:

A registration process

This allows us to decide what type of information to collect from attendees such as their name, company, and all key contact information.

Live and on demand video

Users who attend live and users who watch content on their own time often show different patterns of engagement, in order to reach both audience groups, and collect all their data, our virtual event solution offers both options.

Interactive features

Live polls and Q&A sessions help understand what your audience is looking for and help refine your ability to provide it.

A range of ways to measure attendee engagement

Its not just about how many videos have been watched, our robust attendee data is capable of capturing whether they are watching in a primary or background video window, whether they have the sound on or not, and what time of day yields most attention, and much more.

Practically everything with regards to online events can be captured, analysed and reported. Being able to track every movement, click and action taken by attendees within the virtual platform can tell you detailed demographics about your audience, which sessions, topics and presenters were most engaging, and which sponsor ads were more effective. With such a colossal amount of information, it is easy to measure event success and return on your investment.

One of the main drivers for people to want to attend your events is to make new valuable connections. This leads to attendees willing to provide key contact information to enhance their networking experience, because they feel it will lead them to like minded business people.

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