Vexhibitions is an immersive exhibition and events platform. Taking your products and services global has never been so easy. The platform offers a unique and capturing experience for both the exhibitors and visitors.

The 3D platform lets you walk the exhibitions halls, visit the auditorium, sit in the meeting and training rooms or even chillout and network in our coffee shop.

The platform has been designed to enable you to communicate directly via the text chat or video call function from the fully customisable exhibition booths. This also allows the exhibitors to showcase their product on the stalls by converting them to 3D models, download market material and video content.

Whatever the ambition, we genuinely care about what our clients do and are committed to helping them achieve great things. We work closely with them to understand the right opportunities for growth and use our knowledge and expertise to help events flourish. Our teams work hand in hand to deliver great experiences. We go out of our way to help others and this is what enables us to deliver on our promise.

Vision Statement

To harness the power of virtual reality by providing ground-breaking experiential technology for events, launches and exhibitions while inspiring others to play their part in tackling the climate emergency.


3D Product

Take your product or machinery into the virtual world and showcase them on your stall with one of our fully interactive 3D models.


We capture a wide range of analytics to ensure you as an exhibitor can understand your events success, and follow up on potential sales leads.

Character Choice

Choose from a wide selection of our character choices, and control your avatar in our virtual world.

Customisable Stall

All our stalls are fully customisable with your companies logos, branding colours, advertising material and more

Downloadable Content

Make all of your digital content available for download, whether it be your brochures, datasheets, or video content.

Exhibitor Interaction

Exhibitors and participants can communicate with each other in a variety of formats, such as text chat, voice call or video, all within the platform.

Match Making

We use carefully designed algorithms as a means to group visitors together, based on the experiences they are looking for.

Immersive Environment

We have used our vast knowledge of attending and exhibiting at events and designed our platform to try and ensure the experience is as immersive and encapsulating as attending it in person.

Live Auditorium

The auditorium is able to host live talks and webinars to up to 1000 participants, with additional features such as Q&A sessions, polls with added breakout spaces functionality if required.


We have a verity of networking areas across our platform to allow visitors to connect together in a fun & friendly environment

Room Hire

We have a wide range of private room hire opportunities available for hire. Whether it’s a company presentation, sales meeting, product launch or internal/external training, we have a solution for you

Bespoke Design

If you have a stall that you have taken to an actual exhibition, we can create an exact replica of this in the virtual world for us on our platform. We can also create exact replica 3D models of your products or machinery for showcasing on your stall.

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